10 best things about Women safety app

Women safety is one of the major concerns of the nation and thus a lot many things are tried to get maximum security for the women. Amongst the many things, women safety app is one of the most popular solutions that is tried.

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Talking about the popular and best women safety app India, the first name that comes to the mind is Watch over you. The app has been designed with some of the best and amazing features for offering maximum security to the women.

Top 10 best things about women safety app:

It is not just that to say that the app is one of the best apps for women safety, but this women safety app comes with many best things that make the difference. Interested in knowing the best things in the app?


Here is the list of the best things in the app:

  • Instant response:

The app offers instant response to the people in need. This is one of the best things about this app that you don’t have to worry about waiting in any emergency situations.

  • Professional team:

The team behind the functioning and management of the app is highly trained and professional. They hold the expertise needed to provide the needed help to the people in need. In short, you can rely on the professional team whenever you are in need.

  • Help from government agencies:

One of the best things of this women safety app is that it is associated with the government agencies as well for offering genuine help to the users. It also gives confidence to the users that they are in safe hands.

  • Easy to use:

The app is extremely easy to use and thus can be used by anyone. The app is also kept simple so that it can be used at the time of emergencies and even by the non-tech savvy users and elders.

  • Interactive interface:

Unlike most of the other available apps, this app concerning with the women safety has an interactive interface. This improves the use of the app amongst the users who have just begun with the use.

  • Constant tracking:

Doesn’t it feel safe when you are surrounded by someone at the time of an emergency? This app for women safety offers constant tracking of its users, with all its details. The required information is sent to the concerned people without wasting any time.

  • Emergency call app:

This women safety app also provides the option of emergency call app to its users. As soon as this button is pressed by the user, an instant help is sent towards them without any further delay.

  • Safety button:

The app is not just designed to offer security against the emergent situations but even if you are feeling insecure in any situation, you can use this app even at that time as well. You just have to press the safety button and the app will send an alert message to all your emergency contacts and concerned government agencies.

  • Easy to download:

The app is not just simple in its use but is also simply available for downloading. The app can be easily downloaded from the play store with the click of just one button.

  • One app for all needs:

This app is a complete package that you need during the time of any kind of emergency. no matter what your need is, you will get the required help from this app in the best possible manner.


So, these are the top 10 things of the women safety app that you can avail. Comment below, what are your opinions on the use of this app as well as your experience with the app, if used.

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