There are a multitude of mattresses available in the market ranging from spring mattress to memory foam mattress. But the best among them are latex mattresses. Latex mattresses in India are considered very premium and are valued over other types of mattress. They have certain things going in favor of them that make them really special.

Why Latex Mattresses in India Valued?

The reason of this are very simple. Latex mattresses have a natural composition i.e. they are devoid of harmful chemicals involved in manufacturing other mattresses such as memory foam mattress. Their natural composition ensures better breath. Latex mattresses In India are the only type of mattresses that have antifungal and antibacterial properties. They are also less dense in comparison to other mattress. What separates them from other mattresses is that they are very soft without giving that ‘sinking’ feeling. No off gassing takes place when latex mattresses are there in your home. They do not absorb harmful gases/odour.

Why Buy Latex Mattresses From SleepSpa

There are many mattress manufacturing companies in India which manufacturer good latex mattresses. But out of all of them, the name of Sleepspa simply stands out. Sleepspa mattresses come from the house of Coirfit mattress which has established a niche in mattress industry since the past 30 years. Latex mattresses manufactured by SleepSpa is the best brand of Latex mattresses in India. Their cell structure is open and has pincore ventilation which maintains the perfect sleep temperature by absorbing adequate moisture. The latex used in these mattresses is 100 percent organic and natural. The life of Sleepspa latex mattresses is very long and you won’t need to change your mattress once you buy latex mattress by SleepSpa. They have a premium bamboo fabric cover which controls temperature keeping the mattress warm during winters and cool during winters. They also excel at motion isolation which means that your partner can easily move on the bed without worrying of breaking your sleep. The manufacturing process of Sleepspa Latex mattresses in India involves Talatay technology which makes mattresses more eco-friendly as well as dust and mite resistant.

One important aspect that always needs to be considered while buying a mattress is if it is safe for infants or not. Infants, for the obvious reasons are very sensitive and taking care of their health is a priority. One can trust Sleepspa Latex mattresses in India even with closed eyes.