Care of your Elders with this Elder Care App in India

Are you always worried about the care of your elders? Are you looking for something that can give constant care to your elders? If yes, then you should try the elder care app in India which is specially designed to offer care to all the elder people.

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Watch over you is one of the best elder care apps in India which comes loaded with features which are necessary and essential for taking care of the elders. With this app, you really don’t have to worry about your elder’s health and care every time. This app acts as the constant protector and help for your elders so that they too can feel safe even when you are not around.

Are you interested in knowing more about this app? Let us take a look at the features that this app has in its store for its users.


Features of the app:

Here are some of the features of the elder care app that you can get:

  • Constant tracking:

The app is so designed that it can offer constant tracking of the users until they reach home safely. The app also sends your necessary details to your emergency contacts so that they get aware of your location on a frequent basis. The contact team of the app offers instant response to the people and takes all the details as long as they track you.

  • SOS safety button:

The app also offers SOS safety button to its users which tends to provide the needed help during the time of emergencies. As soon as the user presses this button, it sends an alert to all the people in the emergency contact list. It also sends the required information to all the government agencies so that the users can get genuine help.

  • Responsiveness:

One of the best features of using this elder care app is its responsiveness. The app is really effective in offering instant help to the person at the time of emergencies. Unlike most of the other apps, this app will never let you disappointed when you are in need.


All the members in the team are professionals and therefore hold the expertise needed to maintain the help and care for the elders.

  • Ease of using:

The best feature of this app is its ease of use. The app has been so designed that it can be used by everyone and anyone during the time of emergencies. You don’t have to be a tech-savvy user to use this app. Even if you are a beginner with the app, you won’t feel any hassle or interruption during the use of the app.

  • Friendly interface:

Another important feature of the app is its friendly interface. The users can actually interact with the app for accessing all its features and functions. This again is quite beneficial for beginners and first-time users. Also, the app has been designed without any complications for its users.


No matter what help you need, this app is a complete package for that. You will totally love the use of this app and will never feel disappointed with its use. So, when are you trying this app for the care and safety of your elders?

If you need any information or detail about the elder care app, then please do comment below. We will get back to you with the best possible help.


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