How to prevent sexual harassment in the workplace?

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Sexual harassment is quite a common problem in the workplace. Any act of sexual harassment in the workplace not only disturbs the normal functioning of the organization but also creates a bad impression of the company in the market. Therefore, as an employer, it should be one of the prime responsibilities to minimize and control the acts of sexual harassment in the workplace.


Every organization needs to have some effective sexual harassment prevention acts which can be reliable at the time of need. Not working against sexual harassment problems can trouble the organization in the long-run.

What is sexual harassment?

Sexual harassment is any unwelcoming act of sexual activity which can hinder the normal ethics of the workplace; thereby making the working environment hostile, uncomfortable and offensive. The acts of sexual harassments are not just limited to women but it can also be another way around. Therefore, the organization should be sure of having effective sexual harassment prevention measures.


Ways to prevent sexual harassment at the workplace:

You don’t want to ruin the reputation and image of your company, isn’t it? Therefore, you should always be alert about the various ways in which the various sexual harassment acts can be prevented in the workplace.


Interested in knowing the sexual harassment prevention measures that can be followed at the workplace? Here are some of the ways mentioned below:

  • Create an effective policy:

One of the most used ways to prevent acts of sexual harassment at the workplace is to create an effective policy against the same. You just need to draft a policy which covers all the essential aspects of sexual harassment so that they can be taken care of under the conduct of this policy.

  • Employee awareness:

Another sexual harassment prevention measure is to create awareness amongst the employees towards this act. Be very clear with your employees about all the activities and gestures which are counted under the sexual harassment acts.


This will help the employees to be more alert towards the various sexual harassment activities and cases. Also, it would prevent many harassment cases in the workplace.

  • Train the employees:

Along with concentrating on employee awareness, the organization and the employer should focus on providing necessary training to the employees. With the necessary training, the employees can be prepared for handling a number of such harassment activities with confidence and knowledge.


It will also help in assuring the employees that they are doing the right thing and are following the right direction against the acts of sexual harassments.

  • Train the supervisors as well:

As it is necessary to train the employees against the sexual harassment acts, in the same manner, it is equally important to train the employers and supervisors with the same. This will help in creating better awareness about the whole act in the organization for tackling it.


It will also help the higher authorities to frame an effective policy against sexual harassment and also to take necessary measures and actions in case any such act happens in the organization.

  • Defining the specific responsibilities of each member:

The acts of sexual harassment can be prevented to the maximum extent by defining clear roles and responsibilities of each and every member working in the organization. Though, the roles and responsibilities may alter but it will certainly help in defining the limits of every employee and employer in the organization.


These are some of the most effective sexual harassment prevention measures that should be followed in every workplace for keeping the working environment safe and comfortable for each and every employee.

What do you think about having effective preventive measures towards sexual harassment in the organization? Please do share your opinion with us by commenting below. We would also love to clear all your doubts and concerns related to preventive measures for sexual harassment with the knowledge and information that we have about the same.


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