Which is the best CBSE school in Ludhiana and why?

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It has become really very essential to choose the best school for your child, if you want to have their overall growth. Gone are the days when every school was the same and you can easily choose one from the available ones. It is the time which demands to choose smartly the best CBSE School in Ludhiana.


Indus School is one of the most popular names which come to the mind when we talk about the successful CBSE school in Ludhiana. The school is not just a name but it is an institution which focuses on the overall development of your child.

What makes Indus School the best school in Ludhiana?

It is not just the fact that Indus school emphasis more on the abilities of students to learn in the best possible manner but the school offers a lot more to their students. These varying facilities and benefits available in this school help it to stand distinguished than the other surrounding schools.


Here are some of the top reasons which support the fact that Indus school is simply the best in Ludhiana:

  • Qualified and experienced teachers:

The first thing that comes to the mind when we think of a school is its ability to make students learn and study. Thanks to the number of qualified and experienced teachers available at this CBSE school in Ludhiana, you can be sure that your child will gain enough amount of knowledge in the best possible manner.

  • Large infrastructure:

For any school which aims towards the overall development of their students, having well-established infrastructure is a must. Indus school understands this and thus makes no exemptions in maintaining the best infrastructure for its students.


The complete infrastructure of the school is designed to provide the maximum convenience to the students so that they can learn, play and grow simultaneously.

  • Use of latest technology:

Aiming to be the best CBSE school in Ludhiana, Indus school makes the use of all latest and trending technologies for teaching their students. With the proper use of these latest technologies, the school tries to offer the required practical knowledge to its students.


Without any second thoughts, all these latest technologies help the students to adapt things easily and quickly.

  • Student encouragement:

All the students in Indus school are given proper encouragement to explore and maintain their talents. All the facility members and other staffs associated with the school never miss any chance to provide their students with the required help that can motivate them to become successful in their chosen field.

  • Focus on extra curriculum activities:

Other than directing the entire focus on studies, Indus school – the best CBSE school in Ludhiana invest enough focus on the other extra curriculum activities as well. The school organizes various other events which can help their students to explore their hidden talents to have an outstanding performance in every possible sector. Teachers and students often maintain effective communication sessions so as to have a better understanding of the student’s talents and scope of growth.

  1. Innovative ways of learning:

Indus school understands that every student learns in its own ways and therefore, it makes sure to be as innovative as needed for helping the students to learn better. It focuses on trying different learning methods for different age groups of students for creating a learning environment.


These are some of the ways which favor the fact that Indus school is a quite popular CBSE school in Ludhiana which believe in delivering its students with nothing but the best. Your child will surely have a bright future in this school.

If you still have any doubts regarding any aspect of this school, then please do comment below. We will try and provide you with the best information so that you can be sure of your decision to choose Indus school.


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